18 years old - Guadalajara, Jalisco

Pedro Salido, better known as Peter, is a downhill and freeride athlete, although he is also into all the sports that make your hair stand on end. In his free time he skates, climbs, rides a motorcycle, etc.

For Peter, the main reason to practice these sports is because it gives you that unmatched mix of peace and adrenaline. In some way it forces you to be 100% present, without being able to think about anything else or have extra worries. It's an escape from the real world.

For those who didn't know, Peter is the brother of Johny Salido (professional rider and founder of GUD LIFE). This is more than a matter of competition, Peter sees it as a great motivation and reference for his own career as an athlete. Being able to share this journey with his brother is an incentive to seek to be better every day and truly live the Gud Life.

"Do what you are passionate about and no matter how much they are competitions or challenges, never forget that your biggest rival is yourself; and above all, always have fun"