30 years - CDMX / Querétaro

J essica is a multimedia graphic designer, artist, photographer but above all Enduro athlete.

He loves drawing, traveling, sports and nature.

He has always been a very active person, he likes to do everything and try new things. He discovered the world of mountain biking recently; His passion was so great that for this incredible sport he decided to start his career as a professional cyclist in the Enduro modality.

Jessica spends her time traveling to compete, see new places, make new friends and share this same passion.

Something she loves about this sport is that it takes her to see new places and a great diversity of people. There is always a surprise waiting and that makes it so special.

His main motivation is to inspire more people, share his experience and show that anything is possible.
If you believe in yourself, nothing is impossible.
"This all started as a dream, and in a very short time it became my reality. We can all achieve great things. Enjoy the journey and trust."