32 years - CDMX

Daf is a documentary film director and spends much of her days in the mountains creating audiovisual projects about adventure sports and nature. This goes hand in hand with his passion for climbing and photography, disciplines that he does practically every day.

He also really enjoys photography and wherever he is he can take out his camera to start shooting. Everything Daf does has to do with her vision of life and because for her, feeling free and making the best use of her time is a priority.
Being with your friends and spending time with them is also an important part of your life. He loves dogs and has worked on projects that have sought to improve their living conditions.

Since she was very little she has been very close to nature and that has definitely had an evident impact on the value she places on simplicity and everything that surrounds her. Her father, since she was a child, taught her to paint with watercolors and took several painting and fine arts classes. She studied cinematography and this has led her to have the job she does now. He currently has a production company called Malak Productions where he develops mainly outdoor productions.

"I believe that we are natural beings, full of life, made to move, to feel, to live. If we all delve a little deeper into ourselves and get to know ourselves more, we will find that something that makes us smile and that makes us feel fulfilled. And then "You just have to allow yourself to do it every day of your life."


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