24 years - Mazunte, Oaxaca

Isabel Blanco Fuentes, better known as Chabe White, was born in the beautiful state of Oaxaca, specifically in the town of Mazunte. She was always very connected to nature, specifically the sea. That closeness led her to experience skimboarding at the age of 12.

Another of Chabe's passions is photography and video production. Currently, in addition to practicing Skimboard constantly, she also works as a content generator for different brands and projects. Both activities combine perfectly because they belong to the same lifestyle and philosophical proposal of the projects in which they collaborate.

Now she is in a very important process to reach a level among the best in the world in the Skimboard discipline. One of Chabe's most important purposes is to motivate and inspire more girls to practice Skim or any sport that catches their attention. Being a spokesperson for this message of struggle and equality for women is worthy of admiration. This is one more reason why we are proud to add Chabe to the Gud Life community.


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